Becoming Dad



We're proud to introduce our new film resource "Becoming Dad" We launched the film on 7th October at a launch event attended by practitioners and young mums and dads. These are some of the comments we received:

"I feel the film has been a brilliant way of giving agencies 'food for thought' I feel that fathers are incredibly important to support children to gain resilience. Fathers need to be supported to understand the importance of what they as parents 'bring to the table' as a valuable and important part of their child's life."

"Fantastic Film! Fantastic Dads! Great to see them with the babies, I will do all I can to promote this film"

"Brilliant. It's really refreshing to hear people talking about dads. Lets start a nationwide noise about the importance of dads"

"Fabulous film - really hits the point home - let's work towards change!"

"Very inspiring, young fathers making a positive impact"

"Superb - the culmination of an innovative and very upbeat project. Congratulations young dads!"


Special thanks go to Amelia & Lee, who planted the seed that grew into a brilliant project; to diva creative for the production of an amazing film, and to Mitch, Jordan and Kai, the true stars of the show.