Useful Contacts

Here are a few sources of information you might find useful:

Parentsunder20 outlines support, information and opportunities for young mums and dads in Leicestershire. You can search support by area, or find out how to get involved in projects

Young Dads Collective is a fantastic project, based in London, that seeks to give a voice to young dads, help them to develop skills and share their experiences with practitioners so that professionals can work together to support young dads as well as possible. They are currently running a campaign #52DaysOfDad

There are some brilliant blogs out there to support dads - here are just a few:

The Dad Network

The Yorkshire Dad

Little Lullaby

Modern Dad Pages

Tales of Sonny & Luca

The NSPCC has published seven tips for working with dads - click here to find out more. contains information to help dads to be prepare for fatherhood. You can register for regular updates. It's got loads of useful information for you, your partner and your baby is a charity working to give every baby in the UK the healthiest start in life. They have a great Baby Buddy app that you can download Tommys is a charity that offers information, support and resources during pregnancy

post natal contraception information for dads in leicestershire

post natal contraceptive information for dads in leicestershire